Mr Fog Max Air Peach Ice

Each puff delivers a cool and fruity sensation, making it an ideal choice for a crisp and invigorating vaping experience. Beat the heat with this delicious blend of peachy goodness.


Mr Fog Max Air Peach Ice

Vaping has transformed into a world of tantalizing flavors, where creative blends offer enthusiasts a chance to indulge their senses. Among the vast array of options, the Mr Fog Max Air Peach Ice flavor emerges as a refreshing and delightful combination. This unique blend captures the juicy sweetness of ripe peaches and combines it with a cooling touch of icy menthol. Get ready to chill out with this product.  This irresistible vaping flavor combines the succulent sweetness of ripe peaches with a refreshing blast of icy menthol, creating an experience that’s both fruity and invigorating


All-in-one system
Lightweight, Small, and Portable
Adjustable airflow
Internal Battery
8ml E-Liquid Capacity
Draw Activation
Anti-Leak Design
Free Lanyard

Mr Fog Max Air Peach Ice captures the essence of juicy, ripe peaches, delivering a burst of fruity flavor with every puff. Whether you’re a fan of peachy goodness or looking to try something new, Peach Ice promises to delight your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

How To Buy Max Air Peach Ice?

There are many online stores who provide max air peach ice. However you have to be very careful while purchasing products from any online store because not all online stores provides legit and quality products. Mr Fog Official online Store is one of the store who provide legit and quality Vape and E-cigarettes. You can buy max air peach ice from our online store.



5 Pack, 10 Packs


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