MR FOG SWITCH SW15000 Cola Gummy Ice

Quench your thirst for excitement with MR FOG SWITCH SW15000 Cola Gummy Ice. Dive into a delightful blend of fizzy cola and chewy gummy candies, finished off with a chilling ice sensation. Experience the perfect harmony of sweetness and refreshment in every switch


MR FOG SWITCH SW15000 Cola Gummy Ice

Introducing MR FOG SWITCH SW15000 Cola Gummy Ice – a tantalizing fusion of classic cola, gummy candies, and a refreshing icy kick. Experience nostalgia and innovation in every vape. Inhale the bold cola flavor with hints of sweet gummy candies, followed by a refreshing ice finish.


1. Smart Screen displays the battery and e-liquid consumption ,wattage in real-time

2. Stylish design with a unique crackle texture finish

3. Dual Mode Adjustable Wattage : 10w (Eco) or 20w (Boost) 

4. Dual Mesh Coil, Providing more exceptional vapor clouds and flavor taste

5.Child-lock Available, Prevent the children from your vape device

6. Unique adjustable middle airflow structure

Cola Gummy Ice: A Cool Twist on a Classic Favorite

This disposable vaping device combines the nostalgic taste of cola gummies with a refreshing menthol kick, creating a unique and satisfying vaping experience that will tantalize your taste buds. Experience the bold and fizzy flavor of cola gummies with a twist. Each puff of MR FOG SWITCH SW15000 delivers the authentic taste of your favorite childhood candy, infused with icy menthol undertones that leave a cool sensation on the exhale. It’s a delightful fusion of sweet and refreshing flavors that you won’t be able to resist. Designed for convenience, this product is perfect for vapers on the go.

How To Buy?

There are many online stores who provide Cola Gummy Ice. However you have to be very careful while purchasing products from any online store because not all online stores provides legit and quality products. Mr Fog Official online Store is one of the store who provide legit and quality Vape and E-cigarettes. You can buy Cola Gummy Ice from our online store


10 Packs, 5 Packs

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